Fine Art Wedding Albums

Today it’s all about showcasing your wedding photos after the big day in on of our gorgeous fine art wedding albums. Our albums are of highest quality so you can look at them over and over again, show it to friends and family and eventually your kids and grandchildren. Only the highest quality materials as well as archival ink are used to create your wedding album.

Have a look around to find out more. Click on the images to get a closer look and enjoy the tour. 🙂

The details

4 fine art print albums in different sizes ranging from 6 x 6 to 12 x 12

Albums come in 12 x 12, 10 x 10 and 8 x 8 inches. Parent albums are available in 6 x 6.

Album presentation in a lovely storage box and gorgeous album bags.

Each album comes in a beautiful storage box with a designer bag. You have the choice of 5 different bag designs.

Album bag for your fine art album

The beautiful presentation of your wedding album makes it extra special when showing it to friends and family. It’s like opening a present over and over again.

The cover

12 x 12'' album in blue with 2 lines of embossing

You can choose from a variety of contemporary, vintage or eco leathers with a choice of different colours for each material to match your wedding style and taste.

Ebossed names on fine art leather album

Your names and your wedding date can be embossed on your album. You have the choice between 1 and 2 lines.

Embossed studio logo

The studio logo is embossed on the back of the album.

The binding

All albums open flat with an almost invisible crease

The album opens flat, allowing images to be spread over both pages without a visible crease. This is fantastic to display your favourite wedding images in the largest possible size at a superb quality.

Solid leather binding handmade in Britian

Each album goes through rigorous quality control on my end as well as at the suppliers to ensure top notch colours, sharpness as well as immaculate work on the binding and materials used.

Leather binding, hand made

All albums are ethically hand-crafted in Britain, leathers are hand selected and cut ensuring the highest quality. All leathers are sourced responsibly from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals.

The print

Showcasing the bepoke design of one of our wedding albums

We use 200gsm fine art paper from sustainable sources for all our albums.

A look inside one of our fine art albums.

The paper has a soft texture with matte finish.

Design example page

Professional, archival ink is being used to ensure sharp, saturated images that last for many, many years.

Bespoke design

I am designing all wedding and family albums based on your selection of favourite images. The design process works in several stages, where you will receive a first design draft and can request design changes. You will then receive a final proof that will go to print once you signed it off.

Production usually takes between 6 and 8 weeks after sign off depending on the season.

Request an album viewing

If you are interested in seeing the albums in real life, book an appointment today for a meeting. There is nothing better than actually holding the albums, feeling the weight of it and seeing the immaculate work.

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