Grooms cutting the wedding cake

Gay London Wedding at Fredericks – Jeroen & David

Jeroen & David’s gay London wedding

Jeroen and David’s wedding album shows how one place can offer a range of venues. From Islington Town Hall to family-run Frederick’s, there were kisses all the way.

Islington is a brilliant bit of London, and shone as the backdrop for David and Jeroen’s lovely, sunny wedding day.

The grooms kept things close to home for their special July day, while welcoming Jeroen’s family and friends from Belgium. The day valued important relationships, and reminded me again why I love London! Jeroen and David’s gay London wedding is a great example of the many same-sex weddings I have photographed – celebrating love, diversity and equality.

Planned approach to photos

I met the couple in Islington too – at a wedding show in the Assembly Hall where my albums caught their eye.
Jeroen and David liked my work, and so we met to discuss their wedding day, what sort of photos they hoped for and my approach to getting them.

Council Chamber offers space and intimacy

Islington Town Hall’s glorious Council Chamber was the venue for the ceremony. At the top of an impressive marble staircase, this room has a vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. Though there was room for plenty of guests, I felt the chamber’s horseshoe shape gave it an intimate feel.

Islington Town Hall and sky - Gay London Wedding photography Mothers of the grooms waiting inside Islington Town Hall Grooms walking down the gallery at Islington Town Hall - Gay London wedding Grooms looking at each other before walking into the Council Cha

The handsome pair both walked in with their mums, and their siblings, dads and the best man waited for them at the front – David’s sister was best woman and ring bearer.

Groom and his mother walking down the aisle The gorgeous council chamber - Gay London Wedding photography Grooms holding hands - Gay London Wedding photography Friend of the grooms offering advice to the grooms in her reading Wedding flowers in the Islington Town Hall’s Council chamber Grooms tense and excited Best woman and ring bearer holding on to the wedding ring box Family of the groomExchanging wedding rings at the Islington Town Hall - Gay Wedding Photography Grooms exchanging rings at the Islington Town Hall - Gay London wedding photography Jeroen saying his vows - Gay London wedding photography Grooms kissing for the first time as husband and husband! - Gay London wedding photography Embrace of love and happiness between the married couple - Gay London wedding photography Witnesses signing the wedding register Wedding shoes on red carpet - Gay London wedding photography Grooms are handed their marriage certificate by the Registrar

‘Kiss, kiss, kiss’ is the Belgian rule!

Forget handshakes and hugs, lots of Belgians means lots of cheek kissing! Three cheek kisses is the common greeting between relatives and friends in Belgium.

Mum of the groom kissing her son on the cheek Hugs and congratulations Father of the groom hugging his new son in law Baby wedding guest in shirt and waitcoat is fast asleep on daddy's arm - London wedding photography Smiles and good wishes by wedding guests to the groom - Gay wedding photographyGrooms showered in confetti outside the Islington Town Hall

A Routemaster bus took guests on a little tour of London, designed to welcome the Belgian visitors with some local sights.

A Routemaster bus is picking up wedding guests for a tour of London Wedding Special Routemaster and blue sky Wedding guests on the Routemaster with belgian drinks

Planned portrait shoot at St Mary’s

As they took to the road, I walked with the newlyweds along Upper Street to the striking beauty of St Mary’s Church. I’d suggested the columns and green gardens would make effective backdrops for portrait shots.

Grooms leaning against St. Mary's Church's columns - Gay London wedding photography Newly married couple smiling at each other in their very smart, tailored suits - Gay London wedding photography Grooms kissing - Gay London wedding photography

I captured the splendid detail of the grooms’ tailored suits and shirts; shirt cuffs embroidered with their initials and name tags in the suits – classy! (It helped that David works for Ralph Lauren)

Cuffinlinks with embroidered initials and flower button hole - gay wedding photography

Collecting memories in Camden Passage

Next stop was Camden Passage. As Islington locals, David and Jeroen have sourced many items for their home from this treasure trove of collectibles, particularly glassware.

I caught them taking the chance of another cheeky kiss!

Grooms strolling through Camden Passage with a cool looking passerby Grooms looking at second hand glassware, a hobby of both Cheeky kiss between the glasses at Camden Passage The grooms at their beloved Camden Passage, home of their reception Grooms portraits at Camden Passage

Fantastic fun in family-run Frederick’s restaurant

And the passage was the home of their reception venue; family-run Frederick’s restaurant. The sun kept shining in this light and airy venue, which offers a good range of welcoming spaces and services, as well as excellent food and service.

Routmaster bus and blue sky as wedding guests arrive Routemaster stopping at Camden Passage Shop front of Frederick’s at Camden PassageTable decoration and venue details - Frederick's Wedding Venue

Seamless switch from drinks reception to party

First, a drinks reception with a string quartet filled the patio and garden area.

String quartet on Frederick’s patio Canapes and Wine glasses filled with fruit for the drinks reception at Frederick's Fredericks patio - Please keep off the grass sign Group photo with sister of the groom and his niece and nephew

Then it was into the garden and dining rooms, made one to cater for speeches and the meal. Laughter and joy abounded – along with loving words.

Long tables for the sit down meal at Frederick’s Gorgeous long table decorations at Frederick’s Table decorations, groom’s name tag Grooms smiling at the best man’s speech Wedding guests laughing during best man speech Best man speaking Wedding guest laughing and bowing his head Grooms applauding best man’s speech

Emotion got the better of David when he began thanking his parents, leaving his dad a little overwhelmed too. Luckily, Jeroen was close at hand to help his new husband finish the speech.

Groom being supported by his husband as he is choking up during his speech - Gay London Wedding photography Wedding guest sniffling during the heartfelt groom’s speeches Heatfelt speeches thanking David’s parent’s don’t leave dry eyes

Another touch of togetherness caught my eye on the menus; the skylines of London and Brussels combined in a key design.

Frederick's wedding menu with hand designed layout - Gay London Wedding Delicous risotto & scallops served at Frederick’s as a starter

Those who needed to ‘chill out’ could head to the club room, including Jeroen’s baby nephew and one little girl who needed a power nap on the sofa!

Little wedding guest having a power nap on the sofaBreastfeeding mum and wedding guest

I found the terrace a great space for a group shot of David and Jeroen’s many London pals.

Group photo of grooms and friends on Frederick's Terrace - Gay London Wedding Photography

Islington by night

A cleared dining space saw the cake cutting – check out the grooms portrayed as cute peg doll cake toppers – the first dance and the party.

Cute wooden peg doll grooms as cake topper - Gay London wedding Wedding cake cutting close up - Gay London Wedding Photography Grooms cutting the wedding cake - Gay London Wedding Photography Groom’s first dance - Gay London Wedding Photography Mother of the groom dancing with her son. Groom and best man hugging on the dance floor Wedding guests and groom dancing Two men standing with baby's in their arms at a London Wedding at Frederick's Wedding guests dancing Islington night sky and traffic zooming past the grooms on Upper Street

We snuck out to get another view of Islington with some night shots – which I love to take – a long exposure of the traffic zooming past, giving us a blur of whites and candy colours.

I loved this wedding; everyone was sincerely happy for this real London couple. They embraced different nationalities, celebrated their identities and made their love so clear to see, and for me to photograph.

To me, it said let’s keep kissing, kissing, kissing.

Where do we get that?

Wedding suits: Ralph Lauren

Wedding shoes: Paul Smith

Wedding cake: Hummingbird

Custom wedding cake toppers: Rainbow Peg Dolls

Wedding Flowers: Angel Flowers

Venue: Islington Town Hall

Reception venue: Frederick’s

Photo backdrops:
Camden Passage
St Mary’s Islington


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