Crouch End family photography – Flori & Belle

I met Louise and Leon on our NCT course 4 years ago – Our older kids were born a few weeks apart. I really enjoyed meeting up again to capture family life with their now 2 children for this Crouch End family photography session. Little Flori is a very happy and cheeky 18-month-old toddler. And Belle – is a wonderful big sister, full of curiosity and joy.

Little girl playing peekaboo - Crouch End family photographyLittle girl close upSisters giggling - Crouch and family photography

Crouch End family photography

First we played at their beautiful Crouch End home. Louise and Leon have a fantastic sense of style which is apparent in every room. Afterwards we wandered out to the Parkland Walkin the wonderful autumn sun. We looked for fairies at the magical tree (that’s what I call it anyway) and stomped through the colourful leaves. It’s absolutely joyful following children with my photography, trying to capture their view of the world.

Toddler girl pulling a funny face - Crouch End family photographyToddler hands playing with a boxFather carrying his daugther smiling - Crouch End family photographyMum carrying her toddler daugther smilingGirl showing yellow autumn leave - Crouch End family photographyFamily photography in Crouch End - close up of a girl's faceGirl standing at the bare roots of tree on the Parkland Walk, Crouch End family photographerGirl enjoying the autmn sun runningGirls stomping through autumn leaves
It was a wonderful Crouch End family photography session. The girls actually cried when it was time to say goodbye, and I take that as a compliment. Thank you Louise and Leon for inviting me into your home – it was an absolute privilege.

My approach in family photography

To get a better picture of a family session, I thought it might be nice to see the slideshow I deliver to my families after their familiy photo session. As you’ll see, I mostly document the events unfolding. To capture the children in their uninterrupted play, interacting with their family members is so much more valuable to me than a child being asked to smile at the camera. As the kids transition from one point of interest to another, I will stop for some family portraits, as I know it is important to my families.

My approach is to interact with the kids like a family friend, rather than a photographer shouting instructions. After all, the main priority is happy kids – we’ll play and have fun and this is what comes across in my images.

Your personal slideshow

I love creating a personal slideshow for your family after the session. It’s such an awesome summary of the session and lovely to share with friends and family. Take a look:

If you would like a photography session like this for your own family, or as a gift for someone dear to you, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.
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