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Birth story photography – The arrival of Marcel at Barnet Hospital

Documenting a baby’s arrival into this world with my birth story photography is such an honour. I’m very thankful to Marika and Tommy for allowing me to share their story.

Positive birth experience

Baby Marcel was born on a cold and misty autumn night at Barnet Hospital. This is Marika and Tommy’s second child and luckily this was a very positive birth experience. Marika mastered beautifully assisted by her partner and the midwife.  As this was my first birth to capture I was of course equally excited and joined them pacing the halls until they were admitted to a room for the active labour.

Click on the slideshow to view their journey to parenthood:


Pure documentary photography

Birth Story photography is pure documentary photography and still very new in the UK. It is vital to respect the mother’s space during her labour and bonding phase with the baby. My aim is to stay as far back as possible while capturing amazing memories for your family. I am constantly striving to learn more about positive birth and I am a member of the UK Professional Birth Photographers.

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