House in Hamburg

Goodbye London, Hello Hamburg

My family and I are moving to Hamburg, Germany at the end of July 2018. We called London our home for 12 years, got married, became parents – there is a lot of history in this fabulous city.

New start in Hamburg

​However, we’re running out of space and grew tired of it. Coupled with kids starting schools and the uncertainty of Brexit, it was time to go.
It’s going to be a new start, our families are scattered through the whole country and we don’t really know Hamburg yet but we’re excited to learn all about the northern city and waterproof ourselves for the rainy days.

Staying connected to London

I’ll continue my photography business from Hamburg and we’ll still stay quite connected to Muswell Hill, London and the UK. I have already scheduled a wedding in Bristol this autumn and other shoots before Christmas. I want to keep shooting a few weddings in London if I can (so please don’t hesitate to recommend me to all your friends ;-).​ I would also love to keep capturing my existing family clients, so please get in touch to schedule your family photo session!

Thank you to my clients

Thank you to all my clients who helped grow my business over the years, entrusted my with capturing their weddings, families, births and other projects. I’ve achieved so much and learned many lessons on the way  – what a great foundation to re-start my business in Hamburg.

Goodbye London. Goodbye Muswell Hill. Goodbye to all my London and UK bound friends and clients. I’ll miss you.

With that, here is one of my very last family photo sessions of a dear family. I photographed they wedding, and their kids growing up and they’ve become great friends to us. xxx