From London to Hamburg

For 12 years, I called London my home - I learned to love the diversity, culture and way of living. But life with 2 kids sometimes shows you a different path and we decided to move to Hamburg in Summer 2018, for a bigger house, a garden and a chance to connect to many new, wonderful people and families.

Photography in Hamburg

I’m re-launching my business in Hamburg, having worked as a wedding and family photographer in London for the past 6 years. I believe, being bilingual and having the experience in working with different nationalities, mentalities and family structures is a big advantage. Sisters giggling and tickling each other

Photographing journeys

Photographing the journeys, development and change that we witness every day in our fast-pacing world is my passion, be it a wedding or a growing family.

Expat and international families

I love taking relaxed family photos, especially of a previous wedding couple. Not the fixed-grin and neatly combed hair variety, but natural shots that capture little ones having fun, or a ponder, or looking in wonder. I’m ready to get on my hands and knees to explore the world from their viewpoint – you never know what is going to happen next. Little girl looking at her reflection in a door knob Having just gone through a big move with my family, I’m especially intrigued by documenting expat families in their new home and environment. I’m also keeping in touch with my families in the UK that I’ve met over the years. I frequently fly over to London, continuing the photo journeys started.

Birth photography

The arrival of a little new human to this world is also a theme I am developing on. I’m very excited about birth photography. If you are an expecting parent, give me a call and I can tell you more about the beauty of documenting your baby’s birth here in Hamburg.
Baby's feet resting on mother with umbilical cord still intact - Birth story photography
Little feet, baby still attached to the umbilical cord

Documentary wedding photography

Having started out as a wedding photographer in the first place -  I feel a strong connection to documentary wedding photography. I’m a little wedding nut, click here to find out more. I’m very happy to travel for my wedding and family photography, especially Germany and the UK as I have many bases in both countries. Nephew of the bride looking at the wedding ring - London wedding photographer

I'm a mum too

My own little ones - daughter Eliza and son Elliot - fill my spare time at the moment! You can probably spot them on my instagram when I'm off duty. And, when we get the chance, Stefan and I love going to a concert in the evening. So, take a look at my work and check out my reviews on Google. Interested? Get in touch for a chat about how I can capture the joy, excitement and love of your wedding day, and new family. Email or call +49 176 5557 6654.