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Birth Story photography celebrates the beauty of birth.

It shows your raw emotions and those of your birth partner. And conveys your love, tears, happiness, joy and excitement. ‘Birth Story photography documents the final stage in your journey to parenthood. It captures the transition from being expectant parents to actual parents. An experienced family photographer, I document your active labour, the birth, and the first few hours of your baby’s life. In the way you choose – at home, in hospital or a birth centre.

What Birth Story photography offers you

Having a baby is a profound experience. As you focus on yourself and your inner strength, you might not remember much of what happens. Birth Story photography offers the missing piece to the puzzle. It will show you and your partner meeting your new baby. It will show how strong, beautiful and vulnerable you all are. Mother breastfeeding her newborn child

You’re in control

The mum calls all the shots in Birth Story photography. You’re the one doing all the work, so what you say goes. I’m there to record the adventure of your baby’s arrival in a way that suits you. Birth story photography - empowered

Pre-birth meeting

We start with a pre-birth meeting, where you tell me what’s important to you, ask questions and discuss how I fit in with your birth plan. You can tell me who is likely to be there - your partner, a doula, older children - and how you want them to be included in photographs.

You won’t be over exposed

Your photos will be tasteful and modest, with careful use of black and white. For example, while you are in active labour, I’ll capture your interaction with your birth partner, all the little moments and details you probably won’t remember. During the crowning, I’ll focus on the baby rather than your body. The right angle and use of available light make a huge difference, and that’s where my expertise comes in to play. I can show you other Birth Story photographs I have taken. And of course, you decide which photographs you want to be processed and shared.

Checking hospital/birth centre policy on Birth Story photography

Where you plan to give birth is one of the most important practical details. If it’s a home birth, you’re in charge! At a hospital or birthing centre, photography is not usually a problem but you will need to check this with your birthing team.  Sometimes only 1 person is allowed into the delivery room if you are having a caesarean delivery. timing contractions on the iphone

On call 24/7

Once you have booked, we’ll stay in touch as your due date approaches. I’ll reserve 2 weeks before and after your due date and will be on call 24/7. You let me know as soon as you think labour is starting, so I can prepare to join you when you start active labour. (I only book local births that are within 45 minutes of Neugraben, Hamburg by car, to ensure I can be there on time. I will have a backup photographer if, for some unlikely reason, I am not available. Or we can arrange a Hello World session within the first 48 hours of baby’s birth.)

What if something goes wrong during the birth?

We can talk about this in detail at our meeting. I can assure you that I will stop taking photographs at any time you ask me to (or if asked to stop by a medical professional). And I’m also 100% committed to stay with you and take photos of your baby, whatever the outcome. You decide and you can change your mind at any time. I also have a Photographer's liability insurance.

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