Wedding Photography  - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there, surely you have a bunch of questions about my wedding photography, hopefully you'll find them answered below. Otherwise, don't be shy and pick up the phone and call, text, tweet or drop me an email.

Can we meet you?

Yes please! I want to meet you too. Usually this happens after you have booked. I often combine this with your engagement session. It's a great way to get to know each other and for me to learn all about your wedding plans.

We'd like some lovely portraits of just the two of us. Do you offer this?

Absolutely. I love taking couple portraits during the wedding day. This might be the only quiet time you get. Often couples remark how glad they were to have the chance to reflect and just be with one another. A good time for this is usually in the afternoon after the ceremony, especially when moving between venues. I like to split them into smaller chunks rather than taking a long time, while your guests are wondering where you have gone. Twenty minutes are usually enough, with maybe 15 minutes later in the day. Gabby & Pip's Finsbury Town Hall wedding

We don't want to be away from our guests, as we have experienced at other weddings.

Not a problem! I like to split a portrait session into little chunks, so you can focus on your day and friends and family. Good times are: when moving between venues; as guests are sitting down for a meal; during dessert for a sunset shot; before dancing kicks off for some night shots; during the party or when you need to catch your breath from all the crazy dancing.

We'd like some group photos with my auntie!

Of course we can take plenty of different group photos, but I would encourage you to keep them to a minimum. The reason being, you'll get bored, your guests get bored and it's much nicer to capture you all interacting with each other. So instead, I might ask you to talk to your family, have a laugh and just enjoy your day with your dearest. If there are certain important people, make sure you speak to them and say Hi. I'll be close by.
Bridal party laughing during group photos
Here's an example of a bridal group shot right after the ceremony.

How many photos will we get?

This of course depends on the day, but for a full day, you will receive between 400 and 650 images.

How are the photos delivered?

High-resolution JPEG files will be delivered on USB either by post or handed over in person if you are nearby. I also add smaller, watermarked images to the USB, which allows easy sharing. All images will also be uploaded to your private online gallery. You can share the link with friends and family and don't have to worry about distributing images to everyone. [flo_box box_bg_color="#fff" box_text_color="#000" content_width="1140px" padding="disabled" ]
USB wooden box, couple names engraved
Back of the USB wooden box.
detail shot of USB wooden box for wedding photos
Wooden box with your USB and some hand selected prints.
USB wooden box for delivering wedding photos
The gorgeous wooden box opens like a real book.
USB wooden box in book format
USB wooden box in book format.

Do you offer prints?

Yes, you can order prints and framed prints directly from the online gallery.

Can you walk us through your approach on a wedding day?

Obviously, every wedding is different so take the following with a grain of salt. I adapt to your day, capture what you want me to capture. But 70% of the weddings are similar to this: On your wedding day I will normally arrive in the morning when you are both getting ready. This is a very special time in the day, because you probably have not seen your partner yet and you are wondering what he or she is going to wear, how (s)he is feeling right at that moment. You will be very excited about the ceremony, your vows and the reception. I love to capture that excitement, the happiness and the whirlwind experience of getting ready for your day. If possible I will also take portraits with bridesmaids and family members and all those details such as your dress, rings, flowers and shoes. The ceremony is definitely one of the most emotional parts of your wedding day. You might see your partner here for the first time, friends and family will be excited to witness the start of your married life. I am just another witness of your commitment, documenting the events in an unobtrusive way. Most couples find it really difficult to remember what has actually happened during the ceremony because of the excitement. Also you have no idea what is happening behind you, such as your mum probably crying. My photos will enable you to relive those precious moments and see the events unfold from a different angle. Depending on your schedule, I would do most of the formal shots and group photos right after the ceremony. We will also take portraits of just the two of you away from everyone else. This will give you some time for yourselves, as the rest of the day will be very busy. I always try to make the portrait sessions as fun and relaxed as possible, because I want you to enjoy the moment without having to worry. I will photograph the reception including speeches, cake and dance in a similar fashion to your ceremony, always around, but never in your way.
Islington Town Hall wedding ceremony - bride and groom exchanging rings
Lisa's and Anthony's Islington Town Hall wedding

Do you require a meal?

Obviously, shooting weddings is a very physical job and I need to refuel at some point. I don't carry much food with me apart from some emergency snack bars. If you have the space, being seated at the table with your guests has several advantages: I don't have to wait around for my food to arrive after everyone else is fed and run into the risk of missing speeches. I am seen as a fellow guest, which helps me blend in and get better candid shots of friends and family. Obviously, I'm also happy with a snack or vendor meal or can provide my own meal if required.

Do you have a second shooter?

I work with a great network of photographers. I'm always happy to bring someone additional along as it allows me to focus on you, while they can capture your guests and venue details. I charge £200, which is what I pay that second shooter for the day. All images will be edited by me.

Should we get a second shooter?

This is of course entirely up to you. Once I get to know your wedding plans, I might suggest booking one, just to ensure we can document your whole story of the wedding day in the best possible way. Situations where it might be helpful: - limited movement during the ceremony - more than 150 guests - groom prep and bridal prep happening far away from each other - segregated wedding events such as the Tisch during Jewish weddings

Have you shot at our venue before?

I might have, although it doesn't really matter. A good wedding photographer knows how to quickly adapt to various light situations. It becomes a second nature. I use a mixture of natural light, off-camera flash, video light and on camera flash depending on the situation at hand. Obviously I will inform myself about the venue, so I know where to take certain shots etc. That is also a nice advantage of using a full-day wedding photography package. It allows me to arrive well in advance to scout the location over the course of the day.

What's in the bag?

Two Nikon full-frame bodies, prime lenses (35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm), zoom lenses (12-35mm, 24-35mm, 70-200), and a collection of flashes, flash triggers and video lights. Various bits and bobs from soft box to reflectors.
photographer's bag and shoes during a portrait session on the beach
One of my photo bag and shoes on the beach
  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you found my Wedding photography FAQs useful. Contact me if you have got any further questions!